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Gore-Tex Description

The Wallace Guide to Gore-Tex

Alas, summer’s over and the rain has arrived. Now that daylight savings is in the rear-view and the premise of park hangs seems downright laughable, our thoughts are now preoccupied with finding ways to look good while staying dry throughout the seemingly never-ending West Coast winter. Thankfully, we don’t have to look far. Fall, or GORE-TEX season as we like to call it, is officially upon us and your pals at Wallace have all manner of new gear to help shield you from the myriad atmospheric rivers, flash freezes, and so on that we’re no doubt in store for. Today, we’re talking GORE-TEX – from the INFINIUM™ to the PACLITE®; shoes to hats, and everything in between. Let this guide be your light in the storm, a beacon of hope promising warm, dry comfort in the midst of a torrential downpour.  Learn more...