You may not have heard of Solovair, but you’ve definitely seen them, and maybe even worn them! From 1960 to 1995, Solovair manufactured Dr. Martens under the title “Dr. Martens by Solovair” (sole-of-air, get it?). Today, Solovair produces high quality shoes and boots using the same lasts and machinery that were used to make the original Docs in 1960. Every pair is still made in the original factory in England, and we think that dollar-for-dollar they might be the best value on the market.

Solovair FW23 Collection

For FW23 we brought in a short but very sweet collection from Solovair. As per usual, we have the 3 Eye Gibson and 8 Eye Derby Boot in black hi-shine because, well, they’re perfect. The one change up is the Dealer Boot, a Chelsea-style boot with that wonderful not-too-slim-not-too-chunky Solovair silhouette. Every Solovair model is handmade in England and Goodyear welted, so you can be sure the quality is top notch.

Solovair Shoes: Crafting Tradition & Quality Since 1881

Solovair continues to honor its rich heritage by crafting footwear with an unwavering commitment to quality, using the original machinery that produced the first Dr. Martens. This tradition is exemplified in the Solovair 3 Eye Gibson Shoe—a testament to classic design with its robust derby upper and rounded toe, expertly Goodyear welted to a thick air-cushioned sole. The Gibson’s distinctive grey stitching, a deviation from the traditional yellow, lends these shoes unparalleled versatility, allowing them to transition effortlessly from formal to casual settings Learn More...