Brother Brother

When the sun-dappled streets of West Adams in Los Angeles saw the arrival of Brother Brother in 2019, it wasn't just another storefront that opened its doors. It was an embodiment of camaraderie, a testament to a dream nurtured by friends and family, bound by a shared vision. Every corner of their space exudes a natural selection of goods, presented in the most inviting and laid-back environment—making every visit feel like a reunion with an old friend.

Brother Brother FW23 Collection

This season, Brother Brother's FW23 collection continues to narrate their journey. The iconic Kanji Hat, an ode to their roots, is more than just an accessory. This unstructured six-panel cap, with Japanese Kanji characters gracefully embroidered, subtly marks the coordinates of its origin, its Los Angeles home base, making it a wearable piece of the brand's history. Each stitch and brass hardware on its adjustable backstrap feels like a tactile story of the city's heartbeat. But the experience with Brother Brother doesn't end with the visuals. The Palo Santo Incense elevates the sensory voyage. As the "Holy Wood" releases its sweet, woodsy aroma, one can't help but feel grounded, connected—transported to a tranquil Californian evening. Sustainably harvested and thoughtfully packaged, each tin holding these sacred sticks further amplifies the brand's commitment to nature and mindfulness.