In the world of men’s fashion, guys are often forced to choose between classic menswear and technical outdoor gear, with little overlap between the two. Nanamica is the answer to that problem. Founded in 2003 by Eichiro Homma (the man behind The North Face Purple Label and also a brand director for Goldwin), Nanamica consistently offers some of the most beautiful menswear on the planet, but never at the expense of functionality. Whether you need a GORE-TEX baseball cap or a breathable, wrinkle-resistant blazer, Nanamica has got you covered.

Nanamica SS24 Collection

Nanamica's Spring/Summer 2024 Collection heralds a celebration of two decades of innovation, blending outdoor functionality with elegant style, marking a significant milestone since its foundation in 2003 by Eiichiro Homma. This collection introduces a thoughtfully curated ensemble that epitomizes the brand's ethos of outdoor sophistication, making it an ideal point of discovery for newcomers. As we reflect on our journey, Homma emphasizes the brand's mission to create garments that resonate with tranquility, refinement, and durability, a testament to Nanamica's enduring legacy and its global appeal.

Key pieces like the Alphadry Crew Jacket, Easy Shorts, Band Collar Panama Shirt, and more, showcase Nanamica's commitment to functional luxury, marrying the practicality needed for the adventurous spirit with the elegance desired for everyday wear. This season's offerings invite you to redefine luxury through the lens of Nanamica's unique vision — where fashion meets function in the most sophisticated and sustainable ways, ensuring each garment is not just worn, but cherished across the globe.

Introducing Nanamica: “The House of the Seven Seas”

Nanamica was founded in 2003 by Eiichiro Homma and Takashi Imaki, both of whom had worked extensively in the industry and felt that something was missing from the menswear landscape. Imaki was coming off of a successful tenure at Champion, where his designs had helped the brand become a Japanese favourite. Homma had worked at Japanese sporting giant Goldwin from 1982 to 2001, where he was in charge of the Japanese license for Helly Hansen. Under his direction Helly Hansen’s popularity exploded within the Japanese sailing community, and in the meantime Homma developed a love of sailing himself. With their collective experience, Homma and Imaki set out to create clothing that was relaxed and traditional in appearance, but that had the functionality of technical garments. They were both passionate about iconic garments from the past and wanted to update them for the modern city-dweller. As Homma said in an interview with MR PORTER, “the aim was to create the ultimate mix of fashion and function with no compromise.” Learn More...