American Trench

American Trench was founded after the 2008 financial crisis with the idea of making quality garments and accessories while providing jobs for Americans. “Made in USA'' is a defining feature of the brand, and it has resulted in some truly excellent products. In particular, they make some of the best socks in the game, ranging from colourful merino to classic cotton crews. Some models even feature anti-microbial silver thread in the heel and toe!

American Trench FW23 Collection

At Wallace, our enthusiasm for exceptional quality is no understatement. We believe socks are more than just foot coverings—they're statements. So, when American Trench's offerings found their way to our collection, we were more than just impressed. The Mil-Spec Sport Socks? A blend of technical mastery and everyday elegance. And the Italian-spun Super Merino Wool Socks? Let's just say they speak a language of luxury that's soft to the touch yet undeniably hearty. Dive into a world where style meets substance, all proudly made in the USA. Embrace the Wallace way this season: where every detail is not just seen, but felt.

American Trench Fabric Care

These are socks folks, no need to overthink things. Just toss your American Trench socks in the washing machine and then tumble dry. If you have an anti-microbial pair with silver thread, you may not even need to wash them after every wear.