BATONER, a distinguished knitwear label, was established in 2013 in Sagae City, nestled within Yamagata Prefecture. This region is famed for its expertise in knitwear production. The brand emerged under the wing of Okuyama Meriyasu, a renowned factory in the same prefecture. Okuyama Meriyasu has a rich history of crafting products for various high-end fashion houses and clothing manufacturers.

This label exemplifies the fusion of Japan's exceptional technological prowess and deep-rooted traditions in textile craftsmanship. BATONER is committed to excellence at every stage of production, from the selection of raw materials to the final product. Their commitment is not only to maintain quality but to elevate it continuously, aiming to create timeless pieces that are cherished and handed down through generations.

Batoner SS24 Collection

Delve into the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection by BATONER, a brand celebrated for its mastery in knitwear since its inception in 2013 in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture. With roots deeply embedded in the prestigious Okuyama Meriyasu factory's tradition and innovation, BATONER's latest offerings include the Signature Crewneck and Washed High Count Linen Crewneck. The Signature Crewneck, crafted from 100% soft cotton, epitomizes laid-back luxury with its fine knit and relaxed fit, perfect for layering. Meanwhile, the Washed High Count Linen Crewneck, made from 100% Japanese linen, offers a lightweight, super fine knit that feels soft and smooth, ensuring elegance and comfort. Both pieces reflect BATONER's commitment to combining Japan's technological advancements with traditional craftsmanship, aiming to create timeless, cherished garments that transcend generations.