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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on orders over $200 CDN

Master-Piece Bags

When they’re not busy helping save the Japanese manufacturing industry from shifting overseas, Master-Piece is known for spearheading the resurgence of the men’s bag as a bona fide fashion item, as far back as 1994. These days, their coveted bags are the darling of the global streetwear movement, and their time-tested gear and everyday-carry essentials have taken on mythological status both domestically and abroad. Since 2008, everything from Master-Piece has been produced at their very own BASE OSAKA factory – a move which laid the groundwork for the many ‘Made in Japan’ labels that have come since. Using the finest materials, like veg-tanned Italian leather and recycled nylon, Master-Piece puts together gear that showcases their country’s proud history of craftsmanship while showing us that even the most ordinary items can become something really special in the right hands.