Master Piece

When they’re not busy helping save the Japanese manufacturing industry from shifting overseas, Master-Piece is known for spearheading the resurgence of the men’s bag as a bona fide fashion item, as far back as 1994. These days, their coveted bags are the darling of the global streetwear movement, and their time-tested gear and everyday-carry essentials have taken on mythological status both domestically and abroad. Since 2008, everything from Master-Piece has been produced at their very own BASE OSAKA factory – a move which laid the groundwork for the many ‘Made in Japan’ labels that have come since. Using the finest materials, like veg-tanned Italian leather and recycled nylon, Master-Piece puts together gear that showcases their country’s proud history of craftsmanship while showing us that even the most ordinary items can become something really special in the right hands.

Master-Piece FW23 Collection

You asked, we delivered! Everyone's favourite gear specialists, Master-Piece, are back with more heat for the FW23 season. Among the new additions are the versatile Slant Shoulder Bag and the all-in-one Face Bag, plus lots of extremely high-quality accessories such as the Card Case and Money Clip wallet, the Magatama Key Ring, and the brand's upgraded take on the omnipresent Lanyard. Each new collection from the esteemed Japanese designers has sold out with the quickness, so we suggest popping in for your seasonal dose of gear, pronto!

Introducing Master-Piece Bags

So you like gear, do ya? Well gather ‘round folks, because today, we’re coming to you live with some seriously cool bags – courtesy of our new friends at Master-Piece. Though their name might not be as familiar on this side of the Pacific, Master-Piece has been in business since 1994, proudly producing some of the finest, most stylish gear known to man. Among their many accolades, Master-Piece has played a not-insignificant role in popularizing the shoulder bag within both the domestic and international streetwear scenes, as well as carrying the torch for the Made in Japan movement long before it properly made its way to the west. Since 2008, Master-Piece has done everything out of their very own factory in Osaka, becoming one of the first Japanese labels to plant their feet in protest of overseas production. Learn More...