Ichiko Ichie

Ichiko Ichie, a distinguished incense brand from Japan, is renowned for sourcing rare and elusive natural fragrant woods and essential oils. Their relentless pursuit is centered on capturing and expressing the true essence of nature in their incense creations. They believe that an authentic encounter with natural scents can bring profound joy to individuals.

The brand is dedicated to utilizing the finest natural materials, crafting incenses that offer a gentle yet enduring fragrance. Ideal for daily use, Ichiko Ichie's incense exudes a subtle complexity, revealing different facets on each use, akin to nature's ever-changing beauty.


Ichiko Ichie's meticulous approach to scent creation mirrors their respect for nature. They invest considerable time in developing fragrances that not only last a lifetime but also seamlessly integrate into daily routines, embodying the living essence of nature itself.

Like living entities, their incenses interact with the environment, absorbing and releasing scents. This natural process can sometimes lead to changes in the fragrance over time.

To ensure that customers experience the freshest scent with each use, Ichiko Ichie takes special care in packaging. Each incense stick is wrapped in transparent bags, preserving its original aroma and ensuring a fresh, invigorating experience with every burn.

How to use Ichiko Ichie

Besides your choice of incense, ensure you have an incense tray to collect ashes, an incense holder, and materials for lighting the incense.

Ichiko Ichie products come with incense mats for your convenience. Position one of these mats within a fire-resistant vessel (like a ceramic flat plate) and then set the lit incense atop it for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Storing Ichiko Ichie

To preserve the fragrance and prevent mold growth, store the product in a location away from direct sunlight and areas with high temperature and humidity.