Sunflower is a Copehenhagen-based design collective that rebels against the fleeting nature of fashion, designing understated, undeniably modern menswear that will stand the test of time. Keen students of the past, their collections are often rooted in particular historical epochs, but always with one eye looking towards the future. Their excellent knits are what win many over, but we've found that Sunflower create some of the most well-rounded, complete collections around. If you find yourself in search of quality fabrics and understated silhouettes that enrich any outfit, look no further.

Sunflower SS24 Collection

Introducing the Sunflower SS24 Collection, where classic menswear tailoring takes center stage. The Danish brand continues to embrace the timeless foundations of fashion, and this collection is no exception.

As you delve into the collection, it's hard to miss the modern suiting concept, accompanied by an overall laidback styling. From head-to-toe denims to mesh button-downs paired with oversized trousers, Sunflower exudes a relaxed, '70s rocker aesthetic. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture an effortless cool vibe, staying true to Sunflower's unique identity.