A family owned company, Andersen-Andersen was founded in 2009 with the goal of creating the perfect sailor sweater, inspired by the long seafaring history of Denmark and the craftsmanship of old school navy quality knitwear. Andersen-Andersen has certainly achieved their goal, producing some of the finest, comfiest, sturdiest knits around. Every piece is made in Northern Italy from extra strong, long-fibered merino wool

Andersen-Andersen FW23 Collection

Andersen-Andersen consistently puts out some of the best knitwear in the game, and this season is no different. In time for cool climes, we've restocked the Medium Beanie in some fun colours, as well as the Short Scarf for supreme neck warmth and refined comfort. Of course, no Andersen-Andersen delivery would be complete without some excellent sweaters, and on that front we bring you the Navy Full Zip and the Skipper Vest – both elevated takes on classic cabin attire.

Andersen-Andersen: The World's Best sailor Sweaters

To make “the world’s best” anything is a tall order, but that’s exactly what Danish brand Andersen-Andersen have set out to do. In 2009, husband-wife team Catherine Lundgren-Andersen and Peter Kjær-Andersen decided that they were going to make “the world’s best sailor sweater”, and if you ask us, they’ve succeeded. Every single piece has blown us away with its yarn and build quality, sturdiness, warmth, and understated beauty. Learn More...