Signifying the beginning and end of the Japanese alphabet (A to N), ATON speaks a language all their own through their impeccably designed attire. These elevated, modern pieces were meticulously crafted to seamlessly slot into your wardrobe – saying a lot, without overwhelming your existing style. Quite simply, ATON makes clothes you're stoked to put on every morning thanks to a remarkable balance of purposeful design and meticulous fabric sourcing.

Aton FW23 Collection

Aton has officially entered our orbit and their debut (at Wallace, at least) is out-of-this-world good. The Tokyo-based brand has quickly garnered acclaim for their top-notch wardrobe staples that wear effortlessly but look like a million bucks, and their FW23 collection is the ultimate showcase of this. The best examples include the Oversized Wool Cardigan, made using a wool & Japanese washi paper material that feels as amazing as it looks; and our new favourite Ivy League -adjacent set, the Merino College Flannel Tailored Jacket and matching Wide Pants.

Crafting Elegance from Alpha to Omega: The Journey of Aton in Modern Japanese Design

Aton, named not for the Egyptian sun god as we originally suspected but rather “A to N”, the beginning and end of the Japanese alphabet, is an enigma in many ways. Part of a new wave of designers realizing their own vision of contemporary Japanese design, Aton is more informed than most by the country’s proud legacy of outstanding craftsmanship. This is slow fashion personified with a level of respect for makers, materials, and manufacturing that you just don’t see every day. Discover Japanese label Aton.