“Quality” is the backbone of our shoe collection, no matter the price point. All of our shoes are built to last and are designed to age finely over the course of their lifetime. Brands like Solovair and Tricker’s have a long standing tradition of shoe making in their home base of Northamptonshire (UK). They employ traditional Goodyear welt construction on all of their footwear, from derbies to monk shoes, to ensures they can be resoled once the sole has worn down. Across the Channel, French workwear mainstays Kleman have been making hardy and comfortable footwear intended to be worn by those on their feet all day. Their Padror, with its timeless stitched apron toe, is a versatile silhouette that can be worn with anything – from a casual coffee shop fit, to dressed up wedding attire. Scroll through to discover your next pair of go-to shoes.