It’s hard to overstate the benefits of a good pair of socks, and we think the best ones come from Rostersox. Every pair is made in Japan, the quality and materials are fantastic, and they run the gamut from plain white to bright red bandana print. They’re also insanely comfortable, and that’s why they’re a daily wear for everyone on the Wallace team. Try out a pair of Rostersox and we guarantee your feet will thank you!

Rostersox FW23 Collection

Direct from Japan, this season’s collection is a symphony of craftsmanship, with every thread telling tales of both tradition and innovation. Dive into timeless favorites such as the BA Socks and the spirited Floral Socks, or walk a mile filled with serenity in the iconic Peace Socks. With unisex sizing ensuring a perfect fit for all, Rostersox's latest offerings are a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, and comfort.

Introducing Poten & Rostersox

Hiro translated this love of baseball into fashion industry success, founding his company Gwynn in 2012 (we couldn’t confirm, but we think the company name is probably a reference to San Diego Padres legend Tony Gwynn). Under the Gwynn umbrella, Hiro has several apparel and accessory brands, as well as the store Tamaniwa in Tokyo’s Ebisu district. Preeminent in the Gwynn universe are Poten and Rostersox, two brands responsible for some of the best accessories we’ve ever laid eyes on. Learn More...