In the wonderful world of menswear, amidst all the jackets, denim, and footwear, it’s easy to consider baseball caps an afterthought. One look at a hat from Poten, however, may force you to reconsider. Based in Tokyo and sharing the same parent company as Rostersox, Poten is giving the baseball cap the respect it deserves. While the hats themselves are vintage-inspired, the fabrics, patterns, and colours are fresh as can be. On top of that, every piece is made in Japan, so you can be sure that the quality is top tier.

Poten FW23 Collection

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Tokyo and sharing familial roots with Rostersox, Poten rejuvenates the baseball cap narrative, marrying vintage-inspired designs with modern fabrics, patterns, and hues. This season, discover the Safilin Cap, the Vintage Nylon Cap and explore the textures of the Pig Suede Cap or the classic US Herringbone Cap. Every stitch and silhouette, crafted meticulously in Japan, stands as a testament to Poten's dedication to excellence.

Poten Hats

We love a good baseball cap around these parts, and in our opinion, Poten makes the very best of them. Poten founder Iguchi Hironobu is like a mad scientist when it comes to selecting fabrics, and that experimental tendency is on full display in our SS21 delivery. We’ve got breezy linen blends like in the DDW Cap, C/Linen cap, and Angelico Cap, the last of which uses gorgeous linen plaids from the Angelico Fabric Mill in Italy. Learn More...