We’re stoked to welcome Monokel to the shop, and just in time for summer no less! The Swedish eyewear manufacturers put a strong emphasis on creating sustainable, biodegradable glasses that eschew the typical “recycled” look in favour of timeless styles that you’d never know are actually made from plants. In typical Scandi style fashion, Monokel’s range of sunglasses are timeless & functional with a healthy deference to the classics, yet not without a little flair of their own. With everything from classic wiry gold frames to exaggerated looks straight out of the big-hair era, Monokel’s got a style for everyone.

Introducing: Monokel Eyewear

Monokel is an eyewear brand like no other. The Stockholm-based label does a lot of things differently, but not in any sort of way that calls attention to themselves. For one, their sunglasses are all unisex. Come one, come all: Monokel makes eyeglasses for every face. They’re also sustainable. Not the “these glasses are made of cardboard, and our logo is a tree” kind of sustainable – Monokel instead favours recycled and plant-based acetates to compose their stylish, handcrafted frames. There’s a sense that these things are just matter of fact to the folks at Monokel. After all, why shouldn’t sunglasses be eco-friendly? Why isn’t all eyewear ungendered? Monokel is bravely carving out a future where this stuff isn’t revolutionary, it’s just the way things are. Learn More...