Founded in 2001, Is-ness, a name that evokes the very essence of being, began as a design collective dedicated to pioneering innovative creative projects and crafting unique brand identities.

Is-ness merges contemporary elements of technology, art, music, and fashion with the profound influence of tradition. This blend aims to transcend mere sensory experiences, targeting a deeper, heartfelt expression in its creative endeavors.

is-ness SS24 Collection

This Spring/Summer 2024, we proudly present the is-ness collection, a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Founded in Japan in 2001, is-ness stands as a pioneer in fusing contemporary technology, art, music, and fashion with traditional wisdom to create designs that transcend the sensory, aiming for a deeper, heartfelt expression. This season’s lineup, including the is-ness Balloon L/S T-Shirt, Pullover Sweatshirt, 3layer Transformable Jacket, Balloon Baker Pants, Balloon EZ Pants, and Balloon Border S/S T-Shirt, showcases the brand's commitment to innovative silhouettes and transformative designs, each piece crafted to inspire self-expression and the joy of being.