Solovair Shoes: Crafting Tradition & Quality Since 1881

Solovair Shoes and Boots since 1881

Today's Solovair: A Legacy Reinvented

Solovair continues to honor its rich heritage by crafting footwear with an unwavering commitment to quality, using the original machinery that produced the first Dr. Martens. This tradition is exemplified in the Solovair 3 Eye Gibson Shoe—a testament to classic design with its robust derby upper and rounded toe, expertly Goodyear welted to a thick air-cushioned sole. The Gibson’s distinctive grey stitching, a deviation from the traditional yellow, lends these shoes unparalleled versatility, allowing them to transition effortlessly from formal to casual settings.

Craftsmanship at Its Core

The hallmark of Solovair footwear is its impeccable construction. Utilizing the time-honored Goodyear welting process, Solovair ensures each pair is durable, water-resistant, and resoleable. A hidden gem in their design is the wooden shank nestled between the insole and outsole, providing arch support that prevents sagging and enhances comfort. This meticulous attention to detail signifies Solovair’s dedication to producing footwear of the highest caliber.

NPS: The Pillar of Solovair’s Excellence

The story of Solovair is intertwined with the history of NPS (Northamptonshire Productive Society), established in 1881. Originating as a cooperative to secure the livelihood of local bootmakers, NPS played a pivotal role in preserving the art of shoemaking in Northamptonshire through changing times. Their collaboration with R. Griggs Group Ltd. in 1960 to produce the iconic air-cushioned soles for Dr. Martens marked a significant chapter in footwear history. Following the end of this partnership in 1995, NPS continued the legacy under the Solovair brand, leveraging its renowned Soft Sole Suspension technology to create unparalleled quality footwear.

Embracing Solovair's Diverse Range

As we spotlight Solovair’s iconic models, including the Tassel Loafer, Single Buckle Monk Shoe, and the 6 Eye Astronaut Boot, we celebrate the brand's unique blend of punk ethos with polished sophistication. Each model, crafted with over 140 years of shoemaking expertise, reflects Solovair's commitment to excellence. The Single Buckle Monk Shoe, for instance, showcases an elegant design without sacrificing the brand’s signature robustness, thanks to its chunky outsole.

Solovair’s enduring dedication to quality, comfort, and timeless style is evident in every pair produced in the original factory in England. By offering these distinctive models, we invite our customers to experience the legacy of craftsmanship and rebel spirit that Solovair represents.

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