In 1986, Czech climber Roman Kamler decided to make his own outdoor sleeping bags because he couldn’t find any that met his standards in his native Czechoslovakia. Today, Tilak is still owned and run by the Kamler family, and the brand has built a reputation for making some of the best technical outerwear in Europe. You could say Tilak, ahem, Czechs all the boxes.

Tilak: Czech Techwear Superstar

In the growing and highly competitive world of outdoor apparel, Tilak is a brand that checks (Czechs?) all the boxes: incredible build quality, stylish design, and a fascinating origin story. In 1986, during the twilight years of the Soviet Union, a young Czech climber named Roman Kamler was frustrated with the lack of proper outdoor sleeping bags available in Czechoslovakia, so he set out to make his own. Thirty-four years later Tilak is still owned and run by Kamler, and the brand has earned a reputation in Europe and Japan for producing some of the best technical outerwear on the market. If you need any more convincing, it’s the only Czech brand licensed by W.L. Gore to use GORE-TEX in its products. For most of Tilak’s history, its bread and butter has functional, supremely built clothing for outdoor activity, but it’s also gained attention in fashion circles for its stylish designs. Taking inspiration from the hiking gear of yore, much of Tilak’s clothing features bright colorways and old-school colour blocking reminiscent of vintage North Face and Patagonia. Tilak’s appreciation of heritage carries over into its manufacturing, with 100% of its collection still made in the Czech Republic. Back in January, the Wallace team visited Tilak’s factory in Moravia and the brand’s excellent standards were apparent in every room. By employing skilled seamstresses from the flagging (but storied) Czech garment industry, Tilak is able to provide jobs in its community while creating the best product possible. Learn More...