Seoul-based Amomento focuses on minimal silhouettes with an elegant bent, using only the finest materials and painstaking attention to fit & function. The wider worlds of architecture and design are frequent influences, with the label's structured silhouettes often taking inspiration from the work of a notable figure. Despite this formalist bent, you'll quickly find that these pieces are meant to be worn frequently, and for a very long time thanks to their trend-defining brilliance and understated beauty.

Amomento FW23 Collection

Amomento's first collection to hit the Wallace shelves is a showcase of the Korean brand's versatility and unmatched attention to detail. Both familiar and new, the label's FW23 collection tackles nostalgic pieces like the Grandpa Cardigan and Padded Cotton Nylon Jumper with aplomb, modernizing these comfy staples with top-notch materials and cuts that ride the fine line between traditional and avant-garde. If you like a neutral palette and timeless design, Amomento's FW23 collection is one you won't want to miss.

Amomento: Blending Minimalism with Elegance in Timeless Seoul Fashion

Amomento, located in Seoul, specializes in creating minimalistic designs with a touch of sophistication. They prioritize the use of high-quality materials and meticulous attention to fit and functionality. The brand often draws inspiration from the realms of architecture and design, crafting structured silhouettes that echo the influence of renowned personalities in these fields. Although the designs have a formal flair, they are crafted for regular wear, offering both lasting appeal and timeless elegance due to their trendsetting excellence and subtle allure. Discover the Amomento collection here.