Poutnik is Tilak’s new line designed specifically for an urban lifestyle. Headed by ACRONYM founder Errolson Hugh, Poutnik merges urban techwear with Tilak’s outerwear expertise to make highly functional, sleek, and beautifully constructed garments. They also kind of look like they’re from the future. A super stylish future.

Poutnik by Tilak Editorial

Since the 1980’s, Tilak has been churning out some of the finest technical outerwear on the planet. Now these Czech outdoor experts have turned their attention to urban techwear with their Poutnik line, headed by ACRONYM founder Errolson Hugh. The combination of Tilak’s technical chops and Errolson Hugh’s unique designs has made Poutnik a one-of-a-kind brand. This season, an undeniable highlight from Poutnik is the CAW GTX jacket, a super lightweight shell cut from waterproof GORE-TEX ACTIVE. Learn More...