Solovair Shoes & Boots

Solovair remains true to its esteemed legacy, steadfastly producing footwear of exceptional quality on the very same equipment that manufactured the inaugural Dr. Martens. This dedication to tradition shines through in the Solovair 3 Eye Gibson Shoe, a celebration of timeless style featuring a durable derby upper with a smooth rounded toe, meticulously attached to a substantial air-cushioned sole via the Goodyear welting process. The Gibson sets itself apart with unique grey stitching— a departure from the customary yellow — endowing the shoes with unmatched adaptability for both formal occasions and casual outings.

Solovair Shoes: Crafting Tradition and Quality since 1881

Solovair continues to honor its rich heritage by crafting footwear with an unwavering commitment to quality, using the original machinery that produced the first Dr. Martens. This tradition is exemplified in the Solovair 3 Eye Gibson Shoe—a testament to classic design with its robust derby upper and rounded toe, expertly Goodyear welted to a thick air-cushioned sole. The Gibson’s distinctive grey stitching, a deviation from the traditional yellow, lends these shoes unparalleled versatility, allowing them to transition effortlessly from formal to casual settings.

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Solovair Tassel Loafer

The tassel loafer, a quintessential American addition to the world of shoes, finds its finest iteration in England (we're referring to this specific one). Traditionally viewed as somewhat formal and rigid, Solovair has successfully stripped away any hint of snobbery from it by incorporating a chunky, cushioned sole, a rounded front, and an exaggerated fringe and tassels, shifting its vibe from corporate financier to avant-garde pop artist. Solovair's Tassel Loafer, like all of their footwear, is meticulously handcrafted from start to finish in England and features a Goodyear welt construction, ensuring unparalleled quality.