Velva Sheen

In the 1970s, Velva Sheen emerged as a key figure in the burgeoning graphic t-shirt scene, gaining fame primarily as a Disney merchandise provider. These vintage pieces are highly sought after by collectors today. Additionally, Velva Sheen produced t-shirts featuring Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes characters. Unfortunately, the golden age of American-made souvenir t-shirts concluded in the late 1980s as the industry shifted production to Asia, leading to financial difficulties for Velva Sheen and its closure in the mid-1990s.

In 2009, two decades after its closure, the Velva Sheen brand was acquired and revived by Topwin, a Japanese-owned apparel company located in Torrance, California. With a specialization in knitwear and led by vintage enthusiasts, Topwin was perfectly suited to rejuvenate Velva Sheen, meticulously preserving the brand's traditional manufacturing techniques. Presently, Velva Sheen t-shirts are produced using vintage tubular knitting machines that craft the shirt in one piece, eliminating side seams. This approach enhances durability and comfort but restricts production scalability, as each machine is limited to a single t-shirt size. Beyond the quality of the garments, Topwin has also meticulously recreated Velva Sheen's original labels and packaging, making today's purchases nearly identical to those from half a century ago in terms of product authenticity.

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Velva Sheen T-Shirts

Velva Sheen, a brand celebrated for its commitment to quality and heritage, offers a collection of T-shirts that blend vintage Americana with contemporary style. Among these, the Rolled Tee, Pigment Dyed Pocket Tee, and 2 Pack Tee stand out for their unique characteristics and the stories they tell through their craftsmanship.

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Velva Sheen History

Velva Sheen was founded in Cincinnati in 1932 by a man named Oscar Schroeder. That’s all we know for sure until the postwar era, when Velva Sheen became a widely available sportswear brand thanks to contracts with the US Marines and various colleges. Because of this sudden explosion of Velva Sheen products in the 1950s and ‘60s, we can surmise that the brand was contracted by the US Armed Forces during WW2, likely supplying knit underwear and athletic basics. Scaling up production for the war effort would have prepared them to take off as a commercial business in the late 1940s. At some point after the war, Velva Sheen coined the term “lettered sportswear” to describe their unique services of customizing sweats and jerseys. Organizations as varied as the US Military, amateur softball teams, universities, and summer camps ordered their custom sportswear from Velva Sheen.

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