Studio Nicholson

Since being founded in 2010 by Nick Wakeman, Studio Nicholson has consistently offered some of the most elegant, simple, and beautiful clothing around. Fabrics are sourced from around the world, including Portugal, Italy, and the UK, while the silhouettes are influenced by Nick’s travels in Japan. Studio Nicholson is modular, minimal, and borderline architectural, but never ever boring.

Studio Nicholson FW21 Collection

The Fall/Winter season is when Studio Nicholson flexes every fashion muscle they’ve got, like the prime Arnold Schwarzenegger of modular wardrobes. The Hirc Knit and Aire Cardigan are beautiful everyday sweaters for when the weather gets cold, and you can bet the silhouettes are god-tier. The Sorte Pant scratches our itch for big legwear with its voluminous fit and deep pleats, while tops-wise the Santo Shirt and Bric Logo T-Shirt cover all our bases this season.  

Introducing Studio Nicholson: The Modern Modular Wardrobe

Studio Nicholson clearly has a unique, almost idiosyncratic design language, but when Wakeman’s inspirations are taken into account, the designs make all the sense in the world. In a recent Vanity Fair piece, Wakeman cites architecture as a big one, brutalism in particular. The austere lines of architects such as Neave Brown can be found throughout Wakeman’s designs, albeit with a more playful, welcoming vibe (not being made of concrete helps). Soft and simple pieces like the Area Roll Neck and Felli Cardigan are great examples of this. Another inspiration is the shrunken dungarees she wore as a child, seen today in the cropped hems of Studio Nicholson’s pants. This means every pair hangs straight down with no break at the ankle, creating a clean silhouette that also happens to be super comfy. Try on the Bionda or Boss pant and you’ll see why Wakeman swears by this cut. Learn More...