Hailing from the modern menswear hub of Stockholm, Schnayderman’s have been making drop-dead gorgeous shirting since 2012. They’ve effortlessly merged luxurious Italian fabrics, refined Scandinavian design, and a sense of fun, all at a price point that’s hard to beat. Is it any wonder why Schnayderman’s has become a shop mainstay?

Schnayderman's Fabric Care

For most Schnayderman’s pieces, we recommend hand/machine washing on cold and hanging to dry. For thin fabrics we highly recommend hand washing or choosing the delicate cycle.

Introducing Schnayderman's

As the fashion world has steadily become saturated with t-shirts and hoodies, Stockholm-based Schnayderman’s has separated themselves by doubling down on a menswear classic: the button-up shirt. Since launching in 2012, Schnayderman’s has taken Scandinavian refinement and kicked it up a notch with lively patterns and luxurious fabrics, many of which are sourced from Italy. This taste for Old World elegance has allowed the brand to transform many classic, formerly stuffy styles into modern and versatile pieces. Learn More...