About Schnayderman's SS20

About Schnayderman's SS20


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As the fashion world has steadily become saturated with t-shirts and hoodies, Stockholm based Schnayderman’s has separated themselves by doubling down on a menswear classic: the button-up shirt. Founded in 2012 as a “one-stop-shop for shirting”, the brand’s collection has evolved to include jackets, knits, and many other menswear staples. From the beginning, Schnayderman’s has taken Scandinavian refinement and kicked it up a notch with lively patterns and luxurious fabrics, many of which are sourced from Italy. This taste for Old World elegance has allowed the brand to transform many classic, formerly stuffy styles into modern and versatile pieces. 


For the SS20 collection “You are here”, Schnayderman’s has delivered another offering of timeless pieces without losing their sense of fun. A palette of airy off-whites and greys anchors the collection, while playful yellows, oranges, and stripes add a touch of personality. Traditional summer fabrics like cotton and linen are interspersed with Tencel and modal - silky synthetic fabrics that offer unmatched durability for their lightness. A clear workwear influence is evident in the collection’s boxy fits and oversized pockets. These are not clothes that wear you, but adapt to the wearer and seamlessly fit into any closet.  


Singling out any one piece is tough amid such a strong collection, but two pieces, in particular, have become shop favorites.

First off, we have the Shirt Boxy Stripe: a classic button-up shirt with CPO style chest pockets and punchy stripes of navy, rust, and sand. The Italian fabric is an acetate-cotton blend, giving the shirt a silky feel while retaining more heft than your average silk shirt. The pattern is vibrant without being garish, and wouldn’t look out of place in the closet of a midcentury Italian gentleman. 

Next up is the Denim Jacket Double Dyed, a colourful riff on the classic type 3 denim jacket. Right off the bat, the colour of this piece is spectacular. The double dyeing process gives the orange a rich and unique texture, which hits with a turmeric-meets-automotive-grease vibrancy. The addition of two chore-style pockets gives this jacket a dose of functionality, perfect for carrying a book, wallet, or keeping your hands warm on a cool spring day. The combination of style and function transforms this classic silhouette from a mundane essential to a colourful wardrobe centerpiece.