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Andersson Bell

Andersson Bell is truly one-of-a-kind. The brand was conceived in 2018 by creative director Dohun Kim, who posed the question: what would Scandinavian fashion like from a Korean perspective? Youthful exuberance pervades each colourful collection, combined with Andersson Bell’s unique blend of Scandi minimalism and the individuality of Seoul’s street style. Their lookbooks are always a trip to behold; appearing like a Lynchian fever dream shot in Technicolor – but with a decidedly avant-garde twist, right smack in the middle of u- and dys- on the -topia scale. Still – there’s something so familiar about many of Andersson Bell’s styles. Though the garments may often look like they were delivered to us from a much savvier far-off future, look closer and you’ll see traces of the movies, paintings, and pop culture touchstones we all know and love.