IN FOCUS: SOLOVAIR Single Buckle Monk

IN FOCUS: SOLOVAIR Single Buckle Monk

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Solovair Single Buckle Monk

The monkstrap is objectively an odd shoe. At first glance, it’s laceless silhouette suggests that it’s some kind of loafer. But the more you look at it, the more it contradicts that categorization.

It has a tongue and long vamp like a Derby, and its general shape is closer to a typical lace-up shoe. Except, obviously, it has no laces. While the monkstrap’s in-between appearance is certainly unusual, that’s exactly why we like it. It avoids being boxed in by dress codes, allowing the wearer to style it how they choose, whether formal, casual, or somewhere inbetween. It instantly elevates any jeans and t-shirt ensemble, but it can also relax a suit and tie. It’s a shoe worth investing in, and for our money, Solovair makes the best monk shoe around. Solovair is best known for manufacturing Dr. Marten’s from 1960-1995, and they bring that punk styling to every pair of shoes they make in their Northamptonshire factory. The Solovair Single Buckle Monk Shoe takes full advantage of that punk style to spice up a traditional menswear shoe, and the results are beautiful. The monk shoe’s long vamp looks especially elegant in a sleek hi-shine leather, while the chunky sole-of-air prevents things from looking too dressy. We think it looks great with shorts (with or without socks) or jeans, a feat rarely achieved by leather dress shoes. All things considered, the Single Buckle Monk Shoe’s unconventional aesthetic makes for a super versatile shoe. And of course, being Goodyear welted and made in England means they will last you for years to come.

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