Featured item: Tilak ODIN

Featured item: Tilak ODIN

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Tilak's Odin Jacket: Summer Smock Extraordinaire

Summer isn’t exactly prime jacket season. Usually you want to wear as little clothing as possible, but we may have found a garment that proves the exception to the rule.

A flagship model of the brand, the Odin Jacket is a little slice of anorak heaven with its military styling, ample pockets, and surprising light weight. The hood, sleeves, and hem are all adjustable, while a hidden side zip makes for easy entry and ventilation. For a jacket so stylish, its technical features are nothing to sneeze at. But the real star of the show is the fabric. The Odin is constructed entirely of Ventile, one of the most unique fabrics ever invented. Ventile is extremely water-resistant, durable, and breathable, making it an ideal material for summer outerwear, but here’s the kicker: it’s 100% cotton. Crazy, we know. Originally designed for fire hoses, Ventile found its true calling in WWII when it was used in RAF pilot survival suits. Thanks to Ventile’s water-resistance, life expectancy drastically increased for RAF pilots who fell into the sea. The key is Ventile’s compact weave; when water comes into contact with the outer cotton fibres, they expand, filling the gaps in the fabric and sealing water out. After the war, Ventile found further application in technical outerwear. Edmund Hillary wore Ventile garments when summiting Mount Everest, and Ranulph Fiennes wore Ventile while crossing Antarctica on foot. Today, it’s popular among hunters and birdwatchers because it offers excellent water-resistance while being much quieter than synthetics like GORE-TEX. With the Odin Jacket, Tilak has taken this incredible fabric and packaged it into a damn-near-perfect piece of outerwear. If Ventile can excel on the slopes of Everest, the Odin will definitely serve you well on your morning coffee run.

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