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Soulland Description

Soulland SS22

Soulland’s beach-ready Spring/Summer 2022 Collection has an equal mix of minimal modernist goodness and can’t-miss patterns designed to catch the eye. Familiar favourites like the Coffey T-Shirt, Orson button-up and the Ide Cap all see some super cool new colourways, with blues and neutral tones taking centre stage this time around. Of course, we’ve also got all the comfiest Soulland staples back in stock like the unmatched wombo-combo that is the Erich sweatpants and Wallance hoodie.

Soulland Fabric Care

For all Soulland products, we recommend machine washing on gentle in cold water and hanging to dry. 

In Conversation with Jacob Kampp Berliner of Soulland

In the messy copycat world of fashion it’s rare to find a brand that you can truly call one-of-a-kind, but Danish label Soulland is one of those curious beasts. Over the past two decades, these Copehageners have dialled in on a unique formula, taking the best of Scandinavian menswear and spicing it up with streetwear flourishes. As Soulland’s style has evolved, so too has their commitment to sustainability. What started as recycled polyester tags and organic cotton tees finally culminated in the brand’s 2020 Responsibility Paper, an in-depth report on the sustainability and social activism initiatives that Soulland is undertaking. In their own way, Soulland is redefining what is possible for small independent brands in the field of sustainable fashion. While they readily admit to not being perfect, they’re doing a damn good job. I caught up with CEO and co-owner Jacob Kampp Berliner to discuss…

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