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SK Manor Hill Description

S.K. Manor Hill FW22 Collection

S.K. Manor Hill's Fall-Winter 2022 collection explores the essential dichotomy of nature through a tight capsule of elegant yet rugged styles. Drawing heavily on archival styles like the trucker jacket and workwear from the American South, S.K. Manor Hill melds disparate influences into a cohesive collection perfect for urban exploration. Pieces like the Park Shirt and Yukon Vest each incorporate different elements of the wilderness in their design, albeit with the inclusion of hand-selected fabrics and a modern approach. There's something for everyone here – like the returning Sweater Vest in a seasonal Lavender colourway, the Reversible Bomber Jacket in black/satiny purple, and items inspired by flora & fauna, like the LS Butterfly Shirt and Mesh Back Cap.

S.K. Manor Hill Fabric Care

To clean your S.K. Manor Hill clothing, we recommend hand washing in cold water and air drying. If you machine wash, choose a gentle cycle with cold water. 

S.K. Manor Hill Introduction

In designer Dominic Sondag’s own words, S.K. Manor Hill makes clothing for “people who have an appreciation for clothing”. The brand hit the ground running with their inaugural S/S 2016 collection and has been sneakily creating some of the most durable, distinct and varied pieces on the market ever since. Quality and attention to detail are first and foremost for the young label, but it doesn’t hurt that they’ve managed to dial in the casual-cool aesthetic darn near flawlessly. The unique fabrics (100% natural and ethically sourced) provide pure textural bliss, making these easy-to-wear pieces even harder to take off. Attention-to-detail is another pillar of Sondag’s creative ethos, which comes as no surprise thanks to the designer’s stint with New York heavyweight Engineered Garments and close interaction there with the legendary Daiki Suzuki, who Sondag often cites as a mentor and inspiration. While this influence is readily apparent in the label’s workwear sensibilities, S.K. Manor Hill frequently veers towards the unexpected in its design, augmenting classic silhouettes with vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and more practical, outdoor-inspired details. Read more...