Salt & Stone

Natural skincare gets a bad rap for being ineffective, but Salt & Stone is here to change that. Every ingredient and formula they use is exhaustively researched, resulting in effective products without the usual environmental and ethical drawbacks of cosmetics. All Salt & Stone products, from deodorant to lip balm, are made with natural, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients and packaged in post consumer recyclable materials. Salt & Stone takes no shortcuts, and it shows.

Salt & Stone SS21 Collection

This season from Salt & Stone we have a short but sweet selection, comprising their Squalane Facial Cream, California Mint Lip Balm, and Eucalyptus Pink Grapefruit and Vetiver Lemongrass Sandalwood Deodorants. The scents are gorgeous yet subtle, and the products themselves just work. We can’t recommend Salt & Stone enough.

Salt and Stone Deodorant & Skin Care

Since launching in 2017, Salt & Stone have been making waves in the skincare industry for their effective formulas and natural, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients. I’m sure we’ve all had the problem of buying some all-natural skincare product that sucks, but Salt & Stone has solved that quandary outright. A great example of this is their Natural Deodorant, the core product of our SS21 selection. This deodorant is a borderline miracle; it neutralizes odors like nobody’s business, smells fantastic, lasts all day, and it’s free of all that nasty stuff like aluminum, parabens, and alcohol. Discover Salt & Stone.