Tilak SS21 Collection

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Thanks to blue skies, cool breezes, and damn near eighteen hours of sunlight, summer is peak season for exploring the great outdoors. Of course, that means a whole different set of technical gear—a great thing for clothing nerds like us! To exchange our Michelin Man-esque kits for breezy weatherproofing, we turned to Czech label Tilak and their exemplary Spring/Summer ‘21 collection. Our first piece is the Euphoria Jacket, a ridiculously lightweight GORE-TEX ACTIVE shell that delivers performance, breathability, and futuristic good looks. That iridescent fabric and reflective details fill us with a sort of child-like wonderment. This is what trail running dreams are made of!

Our second piece of Tilak summer outerwear is the Odin Jacket. While a touch less technical than the Euphoria, this military-inspired anorak is the perfect layer for outdoor excursions where durability is paramount. The Odin Jacket is made from Ventile, a water-resistant cotton fabric that’s been in use since World War Two. While Ventile is tough as heck, it’s also more breathable and quiet than synthetic fabrics like GORE-TEX, making it a popular choice amongst bird-watchers and hunters. To accompany the Odin Jacket, we went with the Poutnik Monk Pants. Poutnik is a collaboration between Tilak and ACRONYM founder Errolson Hugh, and they continuously impress us with their sleek designs and unparalleled functionality.