Seersucker Gingham LS - Blue



Seersucker Gingham LS - Blue


Is gingham still legal? Was it banned? No! But there are some stipulations! Look, gingham must go on – it’s too good, but too ubiquitous.

So, let’s change it up a bit. Here, we mixed a washed, natural indigo and natural yarns in a mini gingham and made it seersucker, thus legalizing this gingham check (Article 4; Paragraph 3, Thompkins Square Park Convention 2019 Referendum on all non seersucker Gingham Checks).

Tailoring: The shirt was sewn responsibly by the good people and tailors at the Original Madras Trading Company in Madras (Chennai), India.

Responsibility: What does responsibility mean? People talk a lot about transparency and sustainability. I think the sum is responsibility. For Corridor, this means that we actually work in the factory with the tailors every season to create the garments and ensure the workshops are environmentally certified and (ISO-9001) and socially accountable (SA 8000). You can feel good knowing where and how the garment was made.