500ml Three Wick Candle - Beyond the Pines

SUN.DAY of London

500ml Three Wick Candle - Beyond the Pines


SUN.DAY of London create a collection of handcrafted botanical candles.  They are designed with your well being in mind.  All products are environmentally friendly and vegan.  SUN.DAY has eliminated any semblance of synthetic perfume or paraffin.  Each handcrafted candle is housed in apothecary jars, which are produced in the UK.  These beautiful candle blends of pure, aromatherapy grade essential oils are sure to fill your home with warmth and tranquility. 

Scent: The first of our botanical collection, Beyond the Pines invokes the power of nature, bringing its potent yet peaceful essence into your home. Pine needle, cedar wood and eucalyptus will have you in the heart of an energising forest, whilst lime, tea tree and peppermint cleanse and purify.

These six essential oils have been carefully chosen not only for their luxurious scent and stimulating properties, but individually each of these essential oils are renowned for their restorative and cleansing effects. While you enjoy the woody notes of Beyond the Pines, let your mind and body indulge in their healing properties