Kestin Hare Description

Kestin SS20 Collection

In Kestin’s own words, he wants to make clothing that “passes the pub test…you can go into the pub and your mate’s not going to start laughing at you.” For SS20, he’s done it yet again, offering up a veritable cornucopia of classic garms. There’s camp shirts, chore coats, corduroy shorts, even an unlined summer parka. If Kestin can’t get you excited about warm weather clothes, we don’t know what will. 

Kestin Fabric Care

We recommend washing on a cold cycle and hanging to dry. With the Kenmore Cord Blazer in Off White, it’s important to only wash with other light coloured garments to avoid colour bleed. 


In the history of men’s clothing, Scotland has not typically been known as a capital of fashion. Tartan, kilts, and Harris Tweed dominate the conversation, but Edinburgh-based designer Kestin Hare is steadily changing that image. Since founding his namesake brand Kestin in 2015, the label has consistently produced some of the best workwear and vintage-inspired clothing on the market...Read more