Goldwin Description

Goldwin FW23 Collection

Goldwin's expansive FW23 collection has something for everyone, all backed by some of the best tech in the biz. Lots of new outer layers will be hitting our shelves throughout the fall and winter, like the supremely cozy Pertex Quantum Down Parka, and the versatile Mid Down Jacket, accompanied by comfy, all-round pants like the Relax Straight Easy Pants and slightly dressier One Tuck Wool Pants.

Goldwin Fabric Care

For Goldwin GORE-TEX products, we recommend machine washing individually in warm water with a mild or technical detergent (e.g. Nikwax or Grangers). Rinse twice to remove soap residue. Tumble dry on warm. If you want to restore the water-repellency of the outer fabric, apply a DWR coating after washing while the piece is still wet, then tumble dry on warm. 

For all other Goldwin garments, machine wash on cold with mild detergent. Air dry or tumble dry at a low temperature. 

Goldwin: For Mountains, Meetings, and Everything In Between

We’d like to introduce you to the outdoor brand that gives you everything you need, nothing that you don’t, and that looks damn good doing it: Goldwin. Founded in 1950 as Tsuwaza Knit Fabric Factory and rebranded as Goldwin in 1958, the brand has evolved from a family-run knitwear factory into one of the most innovative outdoor apparel companies in the world...Read more

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