DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN 81, a distinct branch within the DESCENTE family, has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 lineup, brimming with designs that blend outdoor and athletic influences, enriched with practical features. Crafted for versatility across urban and natural landscapes, the collection offers styles that are both practical and effortlessly adaptable to a variety of situations. It incorporates high-quality materials such as GORE-TEX, Cordura, and Pertex across a selection of trousers, tops, shell jackets, and shirts.


DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN is advancing its venture into high-performance wear by introducing the 'I/O' collection, which will be a part of the established ALLTERRAIN range. This new line emphasizes a harmonious blend of style and practicality, tailored for both mountainous adventures and everyday wear.The I/O collection sets itself apart from DESCENTE’s previous offerings through its focus on versatility and comfort, leveraging the brand’s technical prowess. It emerges as an ideal choice for the Spring/Summer seasons, showcasing its adaptability and excellence in performance wear.Designed for year-round use, whether active or at rest, the initial range features a mix of outerwear, tops, trousers, shirts, and shorts. In contrast to the boldness typically associated with ALLTERRAIN, the I/O line adopts a more understated design philosophy. Garments are crafted for ease and comfort, boasting silhouettes that encourage relaxation and materials that blend natural textures with functionality.