Arcs Bags SS24

This season, ARCS has enhanced its accessories and ready-to-wear collections, focusing on modular designs and everyday functionality. The brand continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable, tactile design, seamlessly integrating environmental consciousness with innovative fashion.

ARCS’ SS24 collection showcases a commitment to slow, thoughtful craftsmanship that upholds the brand's ethical standards without compromising environmental integrity. Each product is meticulously designed with specific functions and occasions in mind, ensuring versatility and practicality in every piece.

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Arcs Little Hey Sling Bag

The Little Hey Sling Bag is a smaller, more compact version of the popular HEY sling, specifically designed for daily use. It features adjustable side drawstrings that allow for a snug fit under your arm, ensuring comfort and security. Constructed from recycled bottles, this bag showcases branded zips, a buckle, and an interior zipped pocket for safely storing personal items. Committed to ethical and environmentally friendly production, it is made from 100% vegan materials. Additionally, the bag offers water-resistant properties, enhancing the durability and protection of its contents


Featured items this season include the 'HEY Sling Bag' and 'Little HEY Sling Bag,' both ideal for extended use and ample storage. Additionally, the 'Second Crossbody' and 'Club Crossbody' are designed to keep essentials like phones, keys, and wallets securely in place and within easy reach.

Each piece in the collection is thoughtfully finished with recycled polyester lining, interior pockets trimmed with vegan leather from corn crop waste, and custom-moulded side-release buckles with the ARCS signature engraving.