Since 2005, French footwear label Veja has been making beautiful sneakers with an impressive dedication to transparency, sustainability, and social responsibility. From the sourcing of leathers in Brazil to the carbon footprint of each sneaker model, Veja makes every aspect of their business visible. Of course, the sneakers themselves are fantastic too! We’re talking minimal designs, sturdy construction, and colourways tasty enough to eat.

Introducing: Veja

With sustainability placed at the forefront, VEJA meaning “to look” in Portuguese, has been a cult-classic shoewear essential for many since 2005. Sébastien Kopp, the Co-Founder of VEJA along with François Ghislain-Morillion founded the company based on the premise to create a project that would be based on actions and not words. After working a few months in banks, the duo realised that life had a much different path ahead of them. Thus began their journey travelling around the world for a year finding sustainable ways in reducing pollution, a respect for the environment, and enhancing social conditions of the local population, ultimately creating what is known as VEJA today. Learn More...