IN FOCUS: Nanamica Alphadry® Suit

IN FOCUS: Nanamica Alphadry® Suit

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IN FOCUS: Nanamica
Alphadry® Suit

In recent years, the traditional two-piece suit has become something of an endangered species. As men have opted for comfort over polish, this former undisputed champion of menswear has been replaced by cozier alternatives.

We totally understand, but what if a suit could be just as comfortable as a hoodie and sweatpants? Across the Pacific, the technical menswear gurus at Nanamica have created just that: the Nanamican ALPHADRY® Suit. This two-piece suit consists of the ALPHADRY® Club Jacket and ALPHADRY® Dock Pants; pieces that can easily stand alone but are at their best when worn together. Its relaxed, comfortable, and very Japanese silhouette is based on 1950s Brooks Brothers sack suits, a style that has experienced a renaissance in Japan, where all things oversized and Americana are welcomed with open arms. Of course, Nanamica has updated their version with plenty of technical features, the star of which is their ALPHADRY® fabric. This high-quality polyester is wrinkleresistant and quick-drying, which helps keep the wearer cool and dry. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of wearing a suit on a long flight, you’ll understand what a wonderful development this is (Nanamica founder and frequent flyer Eiichiro Homma swears by it). Besides the fabric, the Club Jacket has a six button closure, allowing it to be worn blazer-style or coverall-style when buttoned all the way up. The Dock Pants also have a built-in belt, so the waist size is easily adjustable. Throw in a generous helping of pockets, and that’s a recipe for one seriously versatile suit. We recommend wearing it all day, every day.

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