Hoka X Nicole McLaughlin Mafate Speed Three2

Hoka X Nicole McLaughlin Mafate Speed Three2

Introducing the Nicole McLaughlin x HOKA MAFATE THREE2: A Trailblazing Collaboration!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of another stunning Nicole McLaughlin collaboration at Wallace Mercantile, perfectly timed for peak hiking season. This time, McLaughlin has teamed up with California trail shoe experts, HOKA, to reimagine the highly anticipated MAFATE THREE2 runner.

Mclaughlin breaks the silence on Quiet Outdoor.

At first glance, this innovative design might seem like a laceless version of the MAFATE THREE2 – itself an intriguing hybrid of the MAFATE 2 and MAFATE 3 models. However, McLaughlin's iteration introduces a host of tech-savvy, trek-ready enhancements, rather than stripping features away. True to her distinctive style, McLaughlin has cleverly concealed the laces beneath a gaiter piece, adding an extra layer of functionality to an already high-performance shoe.

At Wallace Mercantile, we are no strangers to the MAFATE THREE2 model. However, McLaughlin’s version elevates it further with what HOKA describes as “a full-coverage, four-in-one gaiter system, finished with five utility pockets and co-branded labels.” This street-ready iteration also boasts a cinched entry and a Velcro heel spike, ensuring both style and substance.

The eye-catching colorway of bright red, neon yellow, and silver makes McLaughlin’s MAFATE THREE2 impossible to ignore. As with much of her work, this design underscores the impact of thoughtful, small modifications, adding practical utility to a shoe meant for rugged environments where storing essential supplies is crucial.

Moreover, McLaughlin’s commitment to sustainability is evident in this release, a quality too often overlooked in the footwear industry. Her ability to merge optimized performance with environmental consciousness sets a new standard for trail running footwear.

Don’t miss out on this unique blend of innovation, style, and functionality - experience the Nicole McLaughlin x HOKA MAFATE THREE2 runner. The perfect companions for all your adventures.

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