Botanical Aura Mist 50ml - Rooftop Garden
Botanical Aura Mist 50ml - Rooftop Garden

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Botanical Aura Mist 50ml - Rooftop Garden

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A stunning blend of 10 essential oils to rejuvenate and lift any atmosphere. Mist it in your home, workplace or car and feel the relaxing properties of the botanical oils fill you with a sense of calm and wellbeing. 

SCENT:  Rooftop Garden is inspired by our very own garden in the sky, our lofty rooftop overlooking the skyline of London. It’s a little piece of calm and tranquillity amid the commotion of the city, where we grow lavender, thyme, basil and jasmine.
Our luxurious Rooftop Garden candle brings this delight and freshness of our handpicked garden directly into your home. The blend of five essential oils truly immerses you in the rich and natural tones of the garden, with the earthy, spicy smells of thyme and basil, the lingering floral touch of lavender and ylang-ylang with the citrus undertones of the Bergamot. While your home fills with sumptuous natural fragrances, you will be calmed and uplifted by Bergamot, thyme and ylang-ylang and comforted by the basil and lavender