Botanical Aura Mist 50ml - Celeste
Botanical Aura Mist 50ml - Celeste

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Botanical Aura Mist 50ml - Celeste

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A stunning blend of 10 essential oils to rejuvenate and lift any atmosphere. Mist it in your home, workplace or car and feel the relaxing properties of the botanical oils fill you with a sense of calm and wellbeing. 

SCENT: Céleste is for those would love nothing more than to sink deep into the tranquility of the Tropics. This harmonious scent opens the mind and senses to subtle botanicals such as Jasmine and Rose, while wild Bergamot and it’s medicinal qualities help to rebalance the body. Cool minty nodes derived from pure Patchouli are fused with warm Amber and Cedarwood making Céleste an angelic blend of ingredients to treasure.