2M15 Crewneck Tee Striped Short Sleeve - Nature/Charcoal
2M15 Crewneck Tee Striped Short Sleeve - Nature/Charcoal

Merz b. Schwanen

2M15 Crewneck Tee Striped Short Sleeve - Nature/Charcoal



Warm rays of sunlight, the smell of the sea - a perfect summer day.

This casual crew-neck T-shirt makes a good alternative to the typical marinière look: Navy-inspired stripes in fresh colors add good vibes to any outfit.

Made on a very rare kind of original circular knitting machine which dates from the 1960’s. It was recently recovered and revived by Merz b. Schwanen - only this machine is capable of knitting the unique Trikot 2-thread heavy fabrics used for wide stripes T-shirt.

Pure organic cotton provides a comfortable feeling on your skin, while the T-shirt is also a sturdy yet durable piece to wear.  The exceptional lightweight quality of this sturdy fabric paired with an easygoing style make the bright days of the year even brighter.


  • rib ware cuff on the neckline
  • open sleeve hem
  • maximum comfort: triangular patch under the arms
  • gentle to the skin, free of chemical additives
  • eco friendly: no industrial prewash
  • completely made in Germany

Form & Fit

  • easygoing and comfortable cut
  • round neckline
  • straight hem
  • maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefore no side seams
  • ca. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first wash