Wallace Community Fit: Devon in Uniform Bridge

Wallace Community Fit: Devon in Uniform Bridge

Wallace Community Fit: Devon in Uniform Bridge

What are your passions in life?

My passions in life are simple, good food, good wine, good music, good company! I love being with friends enjoying food and drinks together. Also love riding my scooter, nothing makes me happier ;)

What inspires your style?

What inspires my style is usually based around what makes me feel good. I try my best to not look like everyone else and pull inspiration from movies and TV shows. For example, right now I’m re-watching Seinfeld and I’m trying my best to recreate Kramer’s style: vintage polos with cool patterns and dressy pants with a nice leather shoe.

What do you like about the outfit you're wearing?

What I like about the outfit I’m wearing is always based upon my mood. How do I want to feel today and how do I want to be seen? I like to try and set myself apart in small ways. Maybe I’m wearing vintage Carhartt jeans but then a really nice shirt to offset the vintage look. I just want to feel good and to do that I want to look good.

What place in the world makes you feel the happiest?

I can think of two places that make me the happiest on earth. I love swimming in open water. There’s a beautiful beach in Tofino called Florencia Bay. It’s easily the most beautiful place in Canada I’ve ever seen. Waves crashing on a beach with huge mountains in the background. I also love swimming in Cat Lake just past Squamish. I’m most happiest when I can unplug, and the only way I feel most free is when I’m swimming.

Devon's Outfit Details

FRIZMWORKS Flap Pocket Open Collar Shirt in Black
JACKMAN Pocket T-Shirt in Ivy
CAYL Flow Shorts in Black
KLEMAN Padror in Black