Merrell 1TRL x Nicole McLaughlin

Merrell 1TRL, a leader in outdoor footwear, has joined forces with the esteemed designer Nicole McLaughlin to refresh a beloved Merrell classic - the Moc Speed Streak. Renamed “The Moc-Laughlin," this partnership masterfully fuses traditional elements with contemporary style.

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Nicole McLaughlin, a visionary designer based in Colorado, is known for her groundbreaking and eco-conscious fashion sense. Her collaboration with Merrell has revitalized the iconic Jungle Moc series. Known as the Moc Queen and a champion of upcycling, McLaughlin's designs defy conventional boundaries while offering a distinctive style that has attracted a dedicated following.

McLaughlin's bond with Merrell is both deep and personal, rooted in her father's fondness for the timeless Jungle Moc and her own love for outdoor exploration and innovative design. Her particular interest in Merrell Mocs and her unique approach to upcycling led to a natural partnership with Merrell 1TRL. In 2020, this collaboration sparked a "home footwear" design contest influenced by her work and the renowned Merrell Mocs, culminating in a series of one-of-a-kind Jungle Moc prototypes, later awarded as exclusive prizes.

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At the core of this collaboration is The Moc Speed Streak, a shoe revitalized with great care, drawing from Merrell's extensive historical archives. Reenvisioned by McLaughlin, the shoe is presented in three exclusive color schemes: the classic Black/Amber, and the new Birch/Hiviz and Coyote/Olive. The meticulous attention to sustainable materials and modern design elements converge to celebrate Merrell’s rich heritage while boldly moving forward in the realm of outdoor footwear.

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The Moc Speed Streak Evo 1TRL is a testament to sustainable, comfortable design. Crafted with recycled premium suede and a 100% recycled mesh upper, it offers easy wearability with a neoprene stretch collar and a recycled heel pull tab. Its robust design features a protective rubber toe cap and recycled mesh lining. Enhanced comfort is provided by the Cleansport NXT™ for odor control and a 50% recycled removable EVA foam footbed. Stability is ensured by the lightweight EVA foam midsole, containing 20% recycled EVA flecks. The design is completed with Merrell's sticky rubber outsole, offering exceptional traction and an eco-friendly footprint.

Merrell 1TRL x Nicole McLaughlin Moc Speed Streak Evo Collection

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