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Il Bussetto was founded in 2004 by Mauro Gobbi in Milano. After many years spent in the leather trade and in the production of leather goods, he was attracted by a unique and special Tuscan leather craft technique.  
This distinctive method allows the production of small leather goods moulded on wooden modes and devoid of any seams. He was charmed by these styles that transmitted tradition and originality, while expressing high craftsmanship ability.  
Mauro believed that these products would bear an unmistakable signature, which would render them unique and recognizable. He also believed that tradition should meet the demands of contemporary life, so he dedicated his efforts to create shapes updated for the modern day. 
When it came to the practical realization of the project, Mauro had to confront the challenge of the lack of experienced and organized workshops, the ageing craftsmen, without younger apprentices, and limited production capacity. 
Mauro then decided to draw on his experience in small leather goods production. He saw real value in the considerable Asian abilites in the skilful production of small leather goods. Hence he established a collaboration, with a long time Asian partner, in order to train craftsmen from Asia in Italy; and to develop production systematically.
Even though the production capacity has increased over the years; this is still a niche product, requiring long lead times that are not suitable for mass production.
The beautiful product range of Il Bussetto today is the result of the vision of its founder, it reflects his painstaking efforts to reach the highest quality standards, so every single customer can be sure to carry with them something unique and precious.
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