In Focus: Soulland Orson Silk Shirt

In Focus: Soulland Orson Silk Shirt

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IN FOCUS: Soulland Orson Silk Shirt

Every now and then we come across a garment that stops us in our tracks, and Soulland’s Orson Silk Shirt is one of those rare garments.

Let’s cut right to the chase—that print is dropdead gorgeous. The stunning image is of a 1913 painting of perennials sourced directly from a German flower encyclopedia. With its dreamy shade of blue and little hits of pastel colour, this print feels like jumping in a lake on a sweltering summer day. Alternatively, imagine an aristocrat vacationing in Italy in the 1950s, admiring an Impressionist painting in a storied Italian museum; print that painting on the aristocrat’s shirt, and now you’ve got the Orson. For all its Mediterranean vibes, the Orson Silk Shirt still has some of that Scandinavian flavour that Soulland does so well. The cut is boxy and relaxed, with a flat hem and bowling collar that gives it a slightly architectural silhouette. The silk fabric gives it a luxurious drape while also providing the perfect surface for that detailed print (few fabrics offer the same crisp results when digitally printed). The Orson Silk Shirt is a testament to Soulland’s mastery of their craft; we have yet to see another garment that merges vintage styling, luxe fabric, and a mindblowing print so effortlessly.

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