In Focus: Goldwin Spur Down Parka

In focus goldwin Spur Down Parka

You know the saying “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”? Well if winter is a gun fight, Goldwin’s Spur Down Parka is a bazooka. This is quite literally the warmest piece of clothing we’ve ever had in the shop and it’s not even close. It’s like sitting next to the fireplace, except the fireplace is inside your jacket. The Spur Down Parka’s unreal warmth is thanks to its KODENSHI down, a down filling embedded with ceramic fibres that reflect infrared radiation back towards the wearer. This results in excellent retention of body heat and a damn warm jacket. Of course, Goldwin didn’t rest on the laurels of KODENSHI down, putting all their technical design expertise to good use. We’re talking fleece-lined hand pockets, removable fully-insulated hood, and even an insulated placket to stop cold air coming through the zipper. In summary, yes it’s very toasty.

Moving on to the style portion of this talk, Goldwin continues to impress us with their aesthetically pleasing designs. The Spur Down Parka has all the satisfying bulk you expect from a puffer without being comically chunky—no Michelin Man comparisons here! The front of the jacket has a clean modern look to it, keeping it simple and avoiding unnecessary details. The only deviations from the standard baffle stitching are one outer arm pocket and the “spur” lines which slope down from the collar to the hand pockets. Wrapping the whole package up is a nylon outer fabric with a slight sheen and rich cypress green colour. Dressing for winter never looked so good.