Community Fits: Featuring Sharif from Modus Coffee

Community Fits: Featuring Sharif from Modus Coffee

We recently visited our friend Sharif the founder of Modus Coffee - whom we are pleased to feature in this edition of Community Fits. In business for nearly 6 years, Modus offers a very special coffee experience. We are big fans of their selection of in-house roasted beans! Styled in Kaptain Sunshine and our latest addition to the shop Aton.

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What was your inspiration in starting Modus Coffee? My partner Jess and I have been in the industry for almost 2 decades combined, but we couldn’t really find a style of roast that we could enjoy consistently. After that we came up with our year round menu based around main stay profiles people could come back to consistently, but experiencing a completely different coffee from a different part of the world. Using single origin in-season coffees, always from small lot producers, or farmers just transitioning into the specialty coffee market, each one is roasted with balance and clarity in mind.

What should everyone try when they visit Modus? If you’re into just black coffee, our pour over selection is always on point. Aside from that we always have at least 2 espresso options on the bar.

You have been a customer of Wallace for a little while now. Do you have some favourite brands at the shop? I always really liked Cayl, the functionality and comfort is great, enjoying the mules from Diemme! I think Cayl is what pulled me to you guys when you opened. After that just sort of discovering new brands in that same sort of vibe.

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For our shoot together you wore some new pieces from Kaptain Sunshine and Aton - what was your favourite item? The vest from Kaptain Sunshine was very tight, and super comfy. Fall is my fav season so I have a soft spot for a killer vest. I’m also not really into corduroy but the pants from Aton were super light and easy wearing.

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